attack of the trees

Howling windstorms almost had me revoking my status as a tree hugger because they kept threatening to fall on my house recently.

Gigantic cottonwood tree – before — in all its autumn glory:

And after:

What would you rather spend $1600 on? A trip to Hawaii or to have professionals come cut down and carry away menacing trees?

Yeah well, here’s what I spent it on:

Granted, it was pretty entertaining to watch the trees come down one earth-rumbling, house-shaking chunk at a time. It took about two hours so it was sorta like watching a movie. A very. Very. Expensive movie. A week or so has passed since they chopped the trees down and this morning they circled back around to carry all the wood away. Thank god because I kept looking out at the tree chunks and imagining them coming back to life, reconnecting themselves one trunk chunk at a time, shaking off all their dead leaves, and staggering around angrily, roaring with all their might, before fulfilling their evil mission in life and falling on the house, reducing it to rubble.

Trees are like that.


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