a halloween-y recipe suggestion

Well I may have missed the boat on this one but there’s still time for you. My Halloween party was last week and I didn’t notice this little gem of a recipe until this morning.

The Yummy Pork Mummy by Taste of Home:

A friend of mine is coming over on Halloween night to hand out candy with me (because her neighborhood’s so spooky no kids will visit it) and I’m tempted to make this for us for dinner that night but I foresee a problem in that I think you’d need a pork tenderloin-sized coffin to really make the presentation sing. Otherwise it might just look like pastry-wrapped pork. It would look yummy but not mummy.

I’ll keep an eye out for a pint-sized coffin but we might just have to content ourselves with this other little gem of a recipe we found in The Country Gentleman section of the Saturday Evening Post. As Angie said, who knew there was still a Saturday Evening Post? When I googled it just now, Google tried repeatedly to send me to Saturday Night Live instead, as if to say, ‘Surely you don’t mean the Saturday Evening Post, is there even such a thing anymore?’

Well thanks to the SEP, Halloween night will be Baked Apple Night!


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