a pretty good day at the park

It was a wintry wonderland at the park this week on my every-other-Friday-off and because everyone else was at work (ahaha!) we had the joint to ourselves. Thanks to a freezing rain the night before, it was all ice crystals and lacy trees and trails free of  grumpy old dogs walking their grumpy old men yelling “You better get that dog on a leash! There’s an ordinance against that.”

I love it when we pull in to the parking lot and it’s free of other cars, which is why you’ll find us there in all manner of inclement weather. Some things never change I guess — when we were kids, my brother and I only wanted to play in playgrounds totally devoid of other children. We’d often have our mother do a drive-by of favorite parks, just to check it out. If other children were sullying ‘our’ playground equipment, we’d wave at her dismissively to drive on just like she was a chauffeur. She thought we were very weird children. And she was right.

Good thing we got out and enjoyed the winter wonderland while we had a chance because as soon as the sun got high enough in the sky to warm things up, everything melted.


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