wrapping wrapping wrapping…

Here’s what I’ll be doing this Christmas Eve. Luckily, I love to wrap presents so this is something I look forward to all year long.

Pretty much everything I’ve wrapped so far has been in that deer paper but I’m almost to the end of the roll and I’m thinking I’m gonna have to climb down into the crawlspace to dig out rolls leftover from last year.

Here’s my favorite thing to toss in Christmas parcels and stockings this year:

Mini-moon pies. In banana and chocolate. They’re hard to find here in Alaska, in mini or maxi size, and so I was thrilled when I spotted them on the bottom shelf of the cookie aisle in the Wasilla Walmart (if you ever happen to find yourself in that store be sure and seek out the framed reproduction of American Gothic rendered entirely in duct tape and proudly displayed in a place of honor near the customer service counter — because this Walmart sells more duct tape than any other Walmart in the nation. Really, it’s Wasilla in a nutshell).

Moon pies. They’re a little weird. They’re tasty. They surprisingly contain no transfats. I had a banana one the other night when the winter solstice coincided with a lunar eclipse — get it? Eclipse? Moonpie? Ahaha. And they fill me with nostalgia because they used to fling them from Mardi Gras floats when I was a kid. When I told someone that recently she disapprovingly pointed out that moon pies seemed a little too heavy to be throwing at people but I assured her that getting pelted in the head with a moonpie is totally worth it.


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