a q for Z

That stands for a quilt for Zen, by the way.

My old and good friend Leanne’s frequent hint-hints finally paid off (after a year or two or more of hint-hinting) and in early fall I got to work on making her son Zen a little quilt. It was ready just in time to show off to friends and family at Thanksgiving and to box up for Christmas for this little fellow in Louisiana. 

I decided right away that the colors should be orange, brown and green — my favorite combination and it was a trio that seemed to suit him fine. And I heaved a sigh of relief when she said he likes to carry blankets around instead of toys which was very convenient for me because if he’s gonna carry it around it’s okay to make it a little smaller and more compact and when it comes to sewing quilts, of course, the smaller the easier. And he and I must be on the same wavelength because when I made a quick dash to the Joann Fabric in Wasilla (a place I like to call Hell on Earth because, well, it’s in Wasilla and therefore filled with Wasillabillies, and the lines are always a mile long at both the cutting counters and the cash registers) I walked up and down every aisle several times searching for just the right backing material and I kept coming back to a flannel giraffe print. It was either giraffes or monkeys. I heaved a second sigh of relief when I consulted Leanne later that night and she said Zen loves giraffes. Score.

I added a little embroidery to ‘up’ the giraffe factor…

… and happened to find an army of little plastic giraffes in a bin in the thrift store.

“Someone sure liked giraffes alot,” I told Richard when I got home and showed them to him. “But not anymore,” he pointed out. Cast-off giraffes have a new home and master for Christmas.

Leanne facebooked me to say the box arrived and the quilt was a hit and all the giraffes had been taste-tested so I’d call this one a Christmas and quilting success.

More on those little flags tomorrow.


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  1. siri says:

    What a little Quilty Quilterton you are. This one’s super nice. Lasse still loves his quilt, by the way.

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