little flags

I got the idea for these cool flag garlands at one of my favorite blogs, 3191. I made the one above from scraps leftover from Zen’s quilt and wrapped the packaged quilt in the garland (see yesterday’s post). They also look smashingly good on the tree:

Seen as how 3191 usually takes their posts down at the end of the year, I’ll include the very simple instructions here for posterity: get a yard or two of Steam-a-Seam (it’s lightweight fusible webbing with adhesive on both sides that gets sticky and fuses fabric when ironed — no sewing required) from the fabric store. Cut or tear fabric into strips twice as wide as you want your flags to be — mine was about  5 inches wide. Cut the strips into smaller strips an inch or two wide. Fold the small strips over your twine and iron together with a small piece of Steam-a-Seam in between. Snip the strips into triangles, if desired — or you could leave them as rectangles.


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