first fetch of the morning

I’m taking five (!) days off, starting now. Getting the new year off to a good start, I’d say.

On the mornings I’m home it’s always the same:  the dog will loll about sleepily… on the floor… on the couch… on her pillow… then just like that she leaps to her feet, perks up her ears, and gives me the old crazy eyes. Her heart’s desire is always the same: let’s FETCH! A mad search for a tennis ball commences and there’s lots of yelping and jumping into the air (on her part not mine — frankly, I’d rather not pull on my parka and mittens to go throw the ball for her in the freezing cold but then again, I’m not the one in charge), then a scramble across the wood floor of the entryway and a long leap into the outdoors.

After a few good runs, she’ll suddenly stop and stagger around in drunken circles and then fall over to roll in the snow. The shoulder always goes down first and then the rump with a big thud.

It’s not a bad way to start the day.


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