recycled wool sweater mittens

The local cooperative extension was offering a class on how to make mittens from old wool sweaters. I decided to go it alone rather than taking the class and found this link online, complete with pattern. I like that these are lined in fleece and that this pattern is a little more complicated than ‘put your hand on a piece of paper, trace around it, cut out two, and sew.’

Challenge number one was finding wool sweaters at the thrift store. I can tell people are making lots of stuff with old sweaters because they were suddenly few and far between. It’s all the rage now — gift shops and holiday bazaars had old sweater mittens a-plenty. As I searched fruitlessly on racks that used to be chockfull of wool sweaters, I realized what I needed to do: head on over to the bad side of town and shop at the Salvation Army where crafty women are too scared to go. Mountain View, here I come. Sure enough, I lucked out there and found three or four. I really like the idea of culling old, out-dated clothing and turning it into something new and interesting.

The pattern is not without its faults. For the next pair, I need to make the pieces a little bigger. And for some reason, the back-of-the-hand piece was nowhere near the same size as the palm-of-the-hand piece. I tinkered with it a little though and here’s what I ended up with:


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  1. siri says:

    They look fab. I think I had a dream about making little recycled felted sweater mittens and slippers the other night. Must check out your link.

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