52 books in 52 weeks?

There’s this thing going around the internets — 52 books in 52 weeks, as in read that many books in that many weeks. Sounds like a noble goal for 2011 and I’ll take part, half-convinced that I won’t be able to accomplish the task but it’ll be loads of fun to try. And it might help me focus a little. I’m usually midway through three different books at once. Like right now. I’m reading True Grit, Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights — I’ve always liked her and because I liked that book so much I borrowed another of her books from the library, Playing With the Grownups.

Plus, I have ALOT of books. I buy them compulsively at thrift stores (see price tags on spines in photo above) and so I have shelves and shelves of unread books. I need to get those babies read and take them to Title Wave for credit so’s I can buy even more books.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have some reading to do before bedtime.


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  1. siri says:

    Sophie Dahl, huh? I have to say that after watching two episodes of her “Voluptuous Delights”, I can’t decide whether I like her Nigella Lawsonesque spoon-licking and abundant cleavage or not. Do you have any of the Roald Dahl classics on your reading list? The BFG was all the rage in 5th grade.

  2. mollybeezus says:

    Oh I didn’t know there was a tv show. I’m not crazy about Nigella so I think I’ll skip the show. The book is good though. I do have a couple Roald books on my shelves. But for now it’s Ice Fishing on the Alaska Road System. Compelling stuff.

  3. perches says:

    Great book stack, looks like an interesting selection. I love Rick Moody’s stuff.

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