and just like that, i'm a knitter

I’ve been meaning to learn to knit for years and years but have been lazy about signing up for a class. I was also a little reluctant to try it, thinking maybe it would be like that hellish 4-hour long knot-tying class I once took at girl camp a/k/a Becoming an Outdoorswoman summer workshop. Camp is fun, particularly the drinking-around-the-campfire-at-night part but turns out, my patience for tying knots wears thin at the 20 minute mark. No wonder I needed a drink.

Knitting, thankfully, is nothing like marathon knot-tying. I took to it like a fish to water. Here’s my first attempt from class number one:

Three classes later and I’ve been knitting fiendishly away at my first real project, a green wool scarf, armed with bamboo needles and my carpenter grandpa’s old folding wooden ruler:

I already have a stockpile of seven balls of yarn waiting in the wings for future projects, plus I’m signed up for a felted bag class in March.


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  1. siri says:

    Go on with your bad knitting self. I’m knitting with green too, leg warmers in 4 tones of green for your’s truly, which is grand because those two stinking boys I live with have been far too spoiled recently with my hand knits. You should try socks soon.

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