I love march in alaska

It was a sunny and (relatively) warm Saturday so a bunch of us met up on Little Campbell Lake in Anchorage for a bit of ice fishing. It was St. Patrick’s Day so I planned to make an Irish beef stew but then I learned that one member of our party is kosher and eats mostly vegetables & fish. So does my mom (minus the kosker part) and so… an Irish kosher picnic was born. Perhaps the world’s first?

I spent the morning slaving over a hot stove in my mom’s kitchen making this vegetable lentil soup and this beef stew. Both were delicious and when the time came, I loaded both of the big blue Le Creuset pots into the back of my car and let me tell you: the inside of my car smelled heavenly on the drive over to the lake.

This moose was there to greet us, nibbling on tree branches. We were a little concerned because it’s been a rough winter for moose (way too much snow has fallen for their comfort) and they’re pretty moody and hungry and malnourished and just generally ready for a fight – see here and here for tales of their temper tantrums. This one didn’t seem too concerned about us though so we continued setting up our equipment, keeping an eye on him (her?) all the while until someone (Jackie, I think) called out nervously, “Hey, that moose is coming over here!” More on that later.

Many holes were dug. Unfortunately for us, many fish were not caught. Only two little blackfish and they went straight back into the lake. I was even wearing my lucky fishing cap. Oh well. A good time was had by all and it was lovely to soak up some sunshine and when the moose decided to get all bossypants on us and marched towards us in a game of ungulate chicken, our shrill screams and whistles sent him scurrying. He must have known we had a shovel. He then headed straight for the road where he played yet another game of chicken, this time with the car our late-arrival guests pulled up in. They were all like, “Hey, did you guys see a moose?” and we were all like, “Um. Yeah.”


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