I’ve been framed

My friends and I have been having a crafty party once a month, taking turns being the host. This month Nikole provided us with tons of wooden picture frames as well as painting and refinishing supplies and we combined the frames with chicken wire to either make a jewelry holder or a bulletin board with clothespins for hanging notes.

She made us burritos, two kinds. Healthy chicken burritos = good. Orange pork burritos made with lard = evil. I opted for good and evil, the best of both worlds.

In the distance there is Mariah, being all good on her cleanse. Back in December, I proposed we all take part in a healthy-schmealthy cleanse, courtesy of Martha Stewart et al. I thought it would be a nice little something to kick off the new year right. Then I came to my senses and I was all like: give up caffeine AND alcohol all at once? I think not. But Mariah and Nikole both have way more stick-to-it-tive-ness though and they’ve cleansed their hearts out. Here Mariah is in the third (?) week of her endeavor and foregoing burritos in favor of Nikole’s freshly-chopped salsa and black beans.

After lunch, the newspaper came out and we got to work on our frames.

Champagne really helps get the creative juices flowing:

 My work in progress:

My finished project:

My frame didn’t have one of those prop things attached to the back so I went off in search of an easel of some sort at Joann Fabric. I was thinking they might not have them but lo and behold, they had about 15 different kinds.


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