Today, my friend Nikole and I wandered around Palmer, Alaska, taking part in the Who Let the Girls Out event. We did it last year too. You get a ‘passport’ with a list of shops around town then visit each one to get a stamp. Turn in your passport when you’re all stamped-up and you get entered for a drawing. We haven’t won anything yet but ah well. We have a good time getting out  and walking around. And the weather this  year was way more pleasant than last year when it was seriously cold and windy.

We showed up at the crack of dawn (or, okay, it was 9 am but it felt like the crack of dawn to someone like me who relishes sleeping in late on the weekends) at Madd Matters to take a one-hour watercolor class taught by Suzie Althens, a local artist who lives up north of Palmer. The owner of Madd Matters has a cute little white dog that hangs out in the shop. She put a treat in an empty water bottle & let him go to town trying to get it out.

Here’s my watercolor painting of geraniums — not too shabby for my first one. The instructor’s sample painting is up above.

It was pretty fun and easy. I got some supplies to do some more painting. I also got a simple gold frame at the thrift store so I can frame it up.

My other score of the day was this bag from Silvertip Designs in Palmer. They do lots of embroidery and they print tshirts and stuff. I was carrying today while I shopped around Joann Fabric in Wasilla and a couple of ladies stopped me to check it out and ask where I got it.


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