thrift store score

Found these little paintings at the thrift store today — they might look big in my photo, but they’re both only about the size of my hand.

I just love them. I found one in the kitchen appliance aisle, sitting on the shelf next to an espresso maker. And then I found the other one on a shelf with the other ‘art.’ I am a sucker for a thrift store painting.

In the background, the following was taking place… there’s a really funny, very cheerful, teenaged boy who works at this thrift store. He greets everyone as they come through the door, not because it’s company policy like at, let’s say, Blockbuster Video, but he does it of his own accord and when he greets you, you get the feeling that he’s genuinely glad you’re there. One time, he was at the cash register and mentioned he was working an extra shift but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT, because he just bought prom tickets.

I hope prom was totally worth it for him… because many find it to not be totally-worth-it. But I wanted it to be totally worth it for him.

Anyhoo, today he approached a customer who had a little boy in her shopping cart, in the part of the cart where he should have been sitting, but instead he was not sitting, and not only was he not just standing up but he was also jumping up and down. Not in the cart where you put your groceries… oh no. He was in the part of the cart where kids are supposed to sit. The floor is cement. I cringe just thinking about the kid losing his balance and doing a face plant. The thrift store guy said to her very politely: “In the interest of safety, ma’am, could you have your son sit down while he’s in the cart?”

Instead of coming to her senses, she puffed up like an angry bird and told him, NO, no she would NOT, as if it was none of his beeswax.



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