for The Mom

A couple of weeks ago I took a one-hour watercolor painting class (my first foray into the medium) and this is the fruit of my labor, Geraniums in Blue Pot:

My instructor and fellow students kept coming over to admire the job I was doing and they proclaimed me a natural at watercolor painting but I brushed them off by saying, “Oh, it doesn’t matter how it turns out because I’m gonna give this to my mom on Mother’s Day and moms have to like your artwork no matter how bad it might be.” They thought that was hilarious.

I didn’t like any of the frames I saw at the store, but I found the gold one one above at a thrift shop with a funny panda photo in it. Someone must have really loved pandas. At home, I took the sheet of glass out of the frame and was polishing it up with a lens cleaning sheet, just scrubbing away, when it dawned on me that, hey, this glass isn’t polished off at the edges the way picture frame glass usually is. It was sharp, sharp, sharp. And I’d been slicing up my fingers left and right without realizing it. Oops!

So I left the panda in its matte but covered it up with a piece of green paper and voila!:

Hopefully Mom will like it. If not, I like it enough to take it back from her and keep it for myself.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Linda Benson says:

    Thanks, but you are not getting it back.

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