We took a trip down to Ninilchik recently to do a little clam-digging and because we arrived early the night before our day-of-digging-clams, we kept on going to Homer and did a little exploring. Dinner at Fat Olive’s, a loaf of bread at Two Sister’s Bakery, scampering on Bishop’s Beach, and, of course, a drive along the spit. It was Riley’s first trip to Homer (at least as far as we know) and she had a grand old time running this way and that on the beach. She was a brown-ish gray-ish blur of perpetual motion as evidenced by the following photo.

Local youths also like to scamper on the beach. They were all running and screaming because they thought the white truck in the distance was going to run them over as it sped up and down the beach. Later as we were leaving we glanced out and they were clinging together in what looked like a big group hug and we thought they might either be (a) squeezing together to fit into a cellphone photo or (b) just groping each other in public. Either way, at least they were outside getting some fresh air and exercise.

The only thing that would have made the adventure better was if Sadie and Mariah and my dad had come along with us. We have another trip tentatively planned in July so hopefully the gang will all be there for that.


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