strange things are afoot at the Bishop’s Attic

Whenever I head down to the Kenai Peninsula, I try to stop at the Bishop’s Attic thrift store in Soldotna. Don’t you love the font on the sign? I’m something of a thrift store aficianado. I profile each store. At this particular one, I rarely look at the clothes because Soldotna is too far away from the cool stores to have much of anything of interest, but I look at everything else because what Soldotna does have is lots of old people and this store is often packed with their old people stuff. Vintage-y things that the seniors discarded.

Please don’t say they died and their kids dumped all their treasures off at the Attic.

This is where I found my…

And my…

Well, this time around strange things were afoot at the Circle K Bishop’s Attic. Ten points to you if you know where that came from. Did you know they’re making another one?

On this visit to the Soldotna Bishop’s Attic, all the customers were shuffling around with stuff in their hands and hopeless and exasperated looks on their faces, asking clerks how much their chosen junk cost. The clerks would wave their hands and say they didn’t know, the store was under new management, the new manager-lady told them to put everything out on the shelf and she would wander around the store and put price tags on everything whenever she had a chance, but she wasn’t there at the moment, so they couldn’t sell much of anything unless it already had a price tag. You can imagine how well that went over in a crowded store full of people who are used to getting their junk on.

Then I saw a grandmother with two little grandkids in tow and they were wandering around looking for the toy section, which was not where it used to be. She flagged down one of the poor clerks and asked where they moved the toys and the clerk replied that the toys were gone. Too much of a liability. Parents would just set their kids loose to tear apart the toy section. They had to go. The kids stared up at grandma. You could tell it was ‘their thing,’ going to thrift store with grandma and getting a cheap toy.

Grandma threw out her hands and asked in a sorrowful voice, “You made the toys go away??”

I decided then that it was time to leave.


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  1. Linda Benson says:

    Why may I ask, don’t they put a toy section up by the cashier station and allow children to browse only if accompanied by an adult. Post a sign “Hey we are not your baby sitter. Thank you very much.” Maybe too civilized for the Soldotna? But then again it maybe they don’t have time to clean up after every child that destroys the toy section.

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