A couple of weekends ago, I attended the Machetanz art festival at the Mat-Su College and took a class on carving linoleum blocks. I’ve done it once before, way back in middle school in Florida. I was going through a clown phase back then. Don’t ask. I carved a clown’s face. I think I still have it.

One of our other projects in middle school art class was a paper mobile. I hated that school so much — it was full of awful air force brats and I hated all of them from day number one. Maybe I’ll tell you more about them one of these days. Art class was one of the few bright spots of my day. For the mobile project, I drew and colored in all sorts of different clowns. The teacher wasn’t a very nice woman. She’d been a middle school art teacher for far too long and she’d lost her will to live, I think. She was friendly with one of the younger teachers though and that teacher was pregnant and took a liking to my mobile when she saw me working on it in class one day. She asked if she could have it to hang over her crib. I hemmed and hawed and had no plans to give it to her. But then on the last day of school I showed up at the art classroom as instructed to collect up all my projects, which had been scattered all over on display. There was no sign of my mobile. A couple of my other projects were gone too. The bitter dried-up art teacher (one of many I would have, unfortunately) had handed them out.

I love art studios.

Flash forward to present day. The linoleum carving was pretty much how I remembered it. No clowns this time. Clowns freak me out now. I’m not sure what I was thinking back then. I just did the math and that baby who started out its life under my stolen mobile would be 27 now. I betcha he/she hates clowns and can’t pinpoint why.

This time I carved a bird and berries. The teacher was neither bitter nor dried up.

Here’s everyone’s prints laid out to dry:

I liked the mermaid in a fish bowl. It was carved by a young gal named Estelle. That’s a pretty awesome name, don’t you think?


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