july the third – clam-digging eve

The fourth of july was pretty lame this year, as I mentioned in my last post. It rather boringly fell mid-week on a Wednesday but that didn’t stop us from making an occasion out of it. On Tuesday, a bunch of us piled into cars and drove down to the Kenai Peninsula to do a little clam-digging. Wednesday might not be a good day for a national holiday but it happened to coincide with a minus tide, which is excellent for digging clams.

Heidi from Oregon zooms in:

We first met her a few years ago when she came up to volunteer at the Iditarod and camped out on my mom’s floor. She’s been back to visit us numerous times since and was looking forward to digging some clams. Unfortunately, after reading the regs we realized you have to be an Alaska resident to dig clams. Darnit. We tried to keep her busy though with sight-seeing, food, drink, and dogs to walk & snuggle.

After checking into our cabin, we kept going down the road to Homer to have dinner at Fat Olives. I heart that restaurant.


The salmon special:

Meatball sammich:

My cannoli:

After dinner, we gathered back at the cabins and chatted late into the night, sipping wine, anxious to wake up the next morning and dig up some razor clams.


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