yard tour

This morning was cool & wet & rainy but that didn’t stop me from taking a tour of my yard, snapping photos here & there.

Those are wild rose bushes up there. Their pink roses come out early in the summer. And these are red currants, in hiding:

A soggy Siberian larch tree:


Plump red rosehip:

And these are peachy raspberries growing in my backyard. I planted them five years ago when we moved into this house. I got the starter bushes from my mom. She has both red and these ‘white’ raspberries, and she wasn’t sure which type she’d given me. I think most of mine are white, although I’m on the lookout for red ones now that they’re ripening. This is the first year the bushes have produced alot of berries. At least I think so — last year I think my husband ate most of the berries right off the bush before I could take stock of them.


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