FBX (aka Fairbanks)

Our first day in Fairbanks dawned clear and sunny(-ish) at the cabin we rented. Dig those burls on the front porch:

The dogs did alot of sniffing around their new home. In this photo, I think Riley looks like the lady of the manor:

We made coffee on the front porch.

I am in awe of spiderwebs like this. Just imagine creating something this intricate from thread you create yourself all the while suspended in mid-air. That’s alot of work to do for a meal.

We tooled around Fairbanks and spent some time at Creamer’s Field, an old dairy farm turned bird refuge that I’ve been wanting to check out for quite some time but never found my way there on previous trips. It was beautiful. Pretty fields and sandhill cranes galore.

We had dinner and beer at the Silver Gulch Brewery…

…and then a couple of us wandered up the hill to the University of Alaska Fairbanks to hear the first of two nights’ performances of the Mountain Stage radio show. It was good, although I felt kinda grungy from not having showered. And one of the performers, Tim Easton, and his wife kinda ruined the beginning of the show by letting their two-year-old daughter run up and down the aisles laughing and yelling. He seemed to think it was funny and laughed about it on stage. It was so awful and disrespectful to everyone who paid to be there that it cast a shadow on the rest of the show. I guess the best revenge for that will be when she’s a teenager — if they keep up with that kind of parenting (or lack of parenting), she’s gonna be a nightmare in her teens.

But on a lighter note, here’s a dude who was practicing his trumpet at the top of a hill at the university. He was really good.


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