a drive up the elliott highway

On our second day in Fairbanks, we decided to take a little roadtrip up the Elliott Highway through the White Mountains National Recreation Area, as far as the gold-mining ‘town’ of Livengood.

It was really beautiful up there. Rolling hills. Peeks of the pipeline here and there. We came across the Fred Blixt public use cabin and made a mental note to come back & stay here next summer so we could do more roadtrips further north, maybe even to the Yukon River.

Some snaps of Livengood:

While we were taking these photos, a woolly guy who looked straight out of central casting for ‘gold miner’ pulled up in his truck and I thought maybe he was gonna give us a hard time, but instead he told us there were lots more old buildings up the road. He was very chatty. We drove for miles along twisty-turny narrow gravel roads but found nary an old building and finally turned back. We must have chosen the wrong forks in the road. There were alot to choose from!

Next summer, I’ll turn left and keep on going!


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